October 5, 2010

Introducing Soulkast. French MONSTER

The Real 136 presents...

It's one of those powerful stories man... We caught a peep on this dude (nh) last year in the park, he was doing crazy hand gestures rapping jibberish to us, we couldn't understand what the fuck he was saying but the shit was hardcore! His name was SOULKAST and we said damn, even the name's ill. Turned out dude was french (nh) and we signed dude right there and been working on a project ever since. To make sure we get a hit we even booked a certain legendary producer we know... Haha yeah, we called Premo on the speaker phone and told him we got a FRENCH rapper who's crazy. Premo wasn't listening at first though.
We said "He's hardcore, you gotta hook him up."
Premo said "I don't know."
We said "He knows about the Tape Kingz tape."
We said "Yeeeaah man, he knows."
Premo said "Aight, man. I'll do the record."

Soulkast practicing in front of Premo

Sure enough the track came out KNOCKIN', some rapid fire yelling that you won't believe. It's gonna be called "Première Salve" and it's real hardcore... Only problem is that NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK HE'S SAYING, but using the infamous Vox technology P already showed you we might get a solution to this real soon... And in the meantime, peep the Soulkast promo. GET READY FOR IT.