October 8, 2013

TR136 signs THE CITY

It’s 2013, yo.... Since The Flyest came back we had to start over and get some of that new money, new connects, new blood, new everything… That global hip hop shit is dead and we decided it’s time to give way for some LOCAL talent (nh) from whatever fucking streets.
(nah, nah *throws cigarette on the fucking floor* the name from now on is “THE CITY”, let’s keep it fucking sensible to the global hip hop community).

We heard about some crazy dope, dangerous, gun-toting, scarf-wearing, over the top fucking VIOLENT battle MC out in Vällingby, Stockholm. His name was Kimbo-something and we basically heard he’s ill but he's a fucking menace who shouldn’t be walking the streets, nah, he should be sent out to a nice little facility with complimentary straight-jackets and padded rooms to record his albums.
So we made it out there, to the fucking shithole that is Vällingby. And as the train was coming to a stop… Well, peep the footage:

First thing we see, is a commotion outside the train station. Some wild disturbances and shit, and looking out the window we see this scarfed up dude come running in the train’s direction screaming he’s gonna GET us like it's ON ON-SITE!!! So we weren’t even thinking, we were just like “Yo, we ain’t gonna let him get us!! Let’s drop this motherfucker...” SO WE  GRABBED THE .45’S WE ALREADY HAD COCKED IN OUR POCKETS AND RAN OUT THE TRAIN AND STARTED YACKING AT THIS MOTHERFUCKER. We ran outside and started shooting like *blaow blaow blaow*and that’s when he crumbled right away, he actually started FREAKING THE FUCK OUT, folding, capitulating, waving his arms i.e laying down on the ground crawling on his knees begging for mercy, screaming for us to stop shooting.

We asked him what the fuck he was thinking, why did he do it? He said “WHY THE FUCK NOT?” so The Frankest had to pin him to the fucking gravel while The Flyest kept his scarf dangling over him like, “You’re gonna listen.” Long story short he still had to pass out a few times before he would listen though. After he finally regained coinsciousness and came to his senses we started interrogating him on his background (it checked out) and on his name which turned out to be Kimbo A.K.A. one half of Staden A.K.A. the crazy motherfucker we’d been looking for all along.

So we figured let's see what it is, let’s have him rap then... We wrote a rhyme on the spot and forced him to learn it. He tried to wiggle himself out of the situation, saying “I can’t read, I need my glasses” but we said “You don’t need no glasses, you’re just weak, now read it.” And this is a true story, the motherfucker dried his eyes right there like a soldier and the weeping stopped like that, and he actually kind of killed it with the rapping. He went in like a fucking SAVAGE, turned beast-mode!! And that was it. Seeing mad potential in the homie, we signed him to the brand because we knew this kid was destined to raise the bar in hip hop to where it needs to be.

We told him: “To make it in this business, you gotta have heart and commitment to the game”. We hooked him up with a sponsorship from FILA, we replaced his invisible little gold chain with a nice TR136 medallion on his neck. And we reminded him that most importantly, we let him live.
As we left the scene walking back to the platform, Lil Kimbo stood up and screamed at the top of his lungs: "THE REAL 136 FOR LIFE!!!" in our direction. The Flyest turned around and said: "What's really good tho, baby boy?" causing dude to stumble back down on his ass again. S'all good tho, as a matter of fact, he was right. We'll be supporting this dude forever.

Ever since then, our own champion KIMBO has collaborated and ciphered with names such as Snook, Professor P, Stor, Allyawan and basically anyone that’s done something in the last five years on the swedish chopping block. Whoever made it, it’s thanks to STADEN. And that's just what it is man, Kimbo and his other patna got the industry under complete control right now, don’t EVER fucking question their status in the game unless you wanna wake up with a gun in the face (oh, ask U-God... ASK him).

The video speaks for itself tho, just watch the nigga go man. Just watch:

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