July 5, 2010

Nas & Damian Marley on the way. Dr Dre gets shafted half-way

Woooo! BLAAAAAOW! Two months in the bunker but now we're back. Ten men arrived and threatened us, so we had to advance in a different direction for a while, but we ain't scared anymore (as a matter of fact, we're NEVER scared, haha). Time to bubble up and bounce right back.
The Frankest: Yo The Flyest, you think they ready for this one?
The Flyest: C'mon son, you know they ain't ready... but let's do it anyway, ANNOUNCE IT!

Nas and Damian Marley are taking it to new heights this wednesday, july 7. They're gonna perform at a Stockholm AMUSEMENT PARK called Gröna Lund, the same place Bob Marley drew massive crowds to back in the day (70's, 80's). You know we'll be there.

Go cop 'em tickets cause it's on.

And oh yeah, to all you Dr Dre bigots out there... Sad day, yo.
The long anticipated Detox album was abruptly cancelled today, as the TR136 team got in the studio this morning and officially gave him the boot. Dre was working on new tracks (album supposedly half-way done) and was devastated to be informed we were putting him on the streets again, but that that disco bullshit he snuck out on the web recently was unacceptable. What the fuck was he thinking going off like that on his own? Anyway it's unfortunate, especially after all we had brought to the project ourselves (put the distribution deal on the table, wrote him a couple hardcore verses, spoiled him with state of the art equipment, etc), but he fucked it up son. Now we just gotta figure out what to do with all this material, all the unfinished tracks from the Detox vaults, the big interview we hadn't published yet and all that... We had it all man... Rappers take note, keep it hardcore at all times if you're down with us!

No Detox for you

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