August 24, 2010

Straight outta QB, a Blaq summer

So we've been getting A LOT of questions about the recent lack of posts, and well, to our longtime readers, you know, to the fam, just peep this: STOP YAPPIN *laughs* Nah, but we’re still here.

This summer we've been out promoting at... Damn, they're gonna flip out, haha, yeah you know the place, one of the largest most notorious projects in the world: QUEENSBRIDGE. Finally, haha. Had to do it man... At the end of Ain’t Nuttin Changed Blaq Poet mentions ”A Real goon comin' soon to your hood” so y'all better have known already, but anyway it was on from there. We hit the ground running, combining with QB legend Blaq Po, the Screwball fam/ Year Round affiliates, Premier of course, and some of the local hustlers and gangsters and hoodrats coming to see us in person. A lot of fun, standing on corners rapping, snatchin a couple chains, bucking at the punk police, throwin money and yellin from roof tops, all of that. Just living the good QB life.

Shouts to the whole crew out there, especially Poet man, that's just a thorough motherfucker, damn. The Ain't Nuttin Changed remix came out incredible too, tell Preem to release it asap...
The Frankest: "The game is over! Blaq Po and DJ Premier and The Real 136 AKA "Slap your favorite blogger!" We will SLAP THE SHIT out of you motherfuckers, anyone who front on the squad, y'all KNOW WHAT IT IS, 2010 shit you old punk motherfuckers, now get the fuck outta here! Oh oh and oh yeah, for promotional use only!"
*laughs* And that's just the outro man...

Finally, meet Blaq Po:

One of the illest MC's to ever bless QB, been holding it down for 20+ years in the game. Took on a whole borough by himself once, that's automatic respect right there, and he keeps it a hundred, one of the best who ever done it, they wanna give him the crown and he don't even WANT it.
A select few might have heard about his most recent album Tha Blaqprint, produced by none other than DJ Premier. That's right, you heard it from us, the legendary DJ Premier teamed up with Po to make one of the best and most needed rap albums in the game last year. It's straight GUTTER, raw lyrics accompanied by some groundbreaking beats. Listening to the album is like getting hit by a fucking bus, as Blaq Po pointed out earlier.
Cop it on-site!

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