August 31, 2010

The Real 136 taking over the internet

You know we're only getting STARTED in this internet game, you know that right? We already had the streets so for the 2010 it's time to set another market and enforce it (nh)... We're coming for that ONLINE money now. The future is definitely online you know, a whole new world is upon us so you gotta keep up! So we got the blog up, you know, doin' this blog thing... But oh we ain't done: Nah, HOLD ON, hahaha, you actually thought we wouldn't find out about that other shit? That TWITTER shit? *laughs* C'mon son, we know our internet, fuck outta the way:

Hahaha yeeeah man, we're going for it... A lot of OG's, ball players and rappers standing up to salute, slapping "The Real" on their names and all that, word word, we see that. That's what'sup. Shouts to Crooked, Royce, G Rap and them, the list goes on, Redman, Havoc, Shaq, Reks, our very own Lil Yuk and all them representing The Real.... And oh yeah... sorry Joe Budden: TheRealTahiry *laughs* Nah, nah, she just reppin.
Anyway, peep us on twitter cause it's ON.

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