February 25, 2010

U-God cut from project. breakdown in the booth. RZA confirms

Some of you may have heard about the U-God incident at our office recently. YES, he has been banned from the compilation project... He wasted our fucking time and made a complete ass of himself.

Quick recount:

First of all, he was late to the appointment. Supposedly he'd been ringing the bell for a while but we didn't hear nothing so who's to say? Finally the homie BIG C opened the door by chance and was not prepared to see Golden Arms standing before him so in self-defense he caught the rapper in a headlock and stuck him in the snow outside and kept him there for a good minute to cool him down. His legs were kicking around upside down in the snow with the head all buried, but as soon as we realized it was U-God we came out and broke it off, BIG C let go of his neck and we brought him inside the office.

U-God had come to lay down a verse on a hot track we had prepared, it's part of the new super project we’re working on (thanks for the help Rakim, DJ Premier, M.O.P, Ice Cube, Nas, Kanye West, Prodigy, Naughty By Nature, Fat Joe, Rapper Big Pooh, Crooked I, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kool G Rap, Slick Rick, Demetrius Capone and the rest of the crew out there). But from day one U-God was being difficult, asking for new ghostwriters and failing to comprehend any instructions. We had considered cutting him from the project earlier but RZA kept calling asking us to do him this one favor.
So from the get go, U-God was still annoying as fuck on this day. We had water bottles prepared on the table but he came in there on some diva shit, requesting a cup of hot cocoa instead. We told him no, just to sit down and stay quiet until we’re ready to interview him. We finished smoking our blunts while he sat in silence. Then we asked the first question, “Why do people consider you the weakest in the group?” But he didn’t listen, he was too busy searching his pockets, and now the hand started going inside his jacket -- REACHING FOR A GUN? -- The homie BIG C took no chances, moving in the room on some Jet Li shit and knocking U-God out cold with a swift kick to the chest. It was over with. Later, upon waking up U-God informed us he'd only been searching for a note, RZA had prepared some talking points for him or whatever and he just couldn’t find it. And now he refused to speak without it.
“Alright, forget the interview", we said. "Just go in the booth, kick that shit and get the fuck out."

U-God got in and grabbed the mic, but then he hesitated.
We asked through the glass. “You brought a verse right?”

He hesitated once more, it looked like BIG C would have to wreck shit again. That’s when U-God blacked the fuck out. He started screaming frantically from out of nowhere, the shit didn’t even rhyme (the fuck?) but his hands were flailing around and he seemed really into it. He kept screaming and screaming, and soon we realized he was recreating the emotional scene from the intro to Tearz on the first Wu-Tang album. It wasn't even a verse, and we just looked at each other like what the fuck, U-God? We had to stop him right there.
“The fuck is the matter with you?”

The homie BIG C grabbed the rapper in the booth and dragged his screaming ass out of the studio. That’s the last we saw of him. Then we got RZA on the phone on told him of the pathetic display, and RZA agreed: “He shot himself in the foot.”

So that was it. At the end of the day, U-God is a mediocre rapper and we decided to let him go. He is cut from the project and banned from our offices indefinitely. We have enough MCs to go ‘round anyway, so look for that album real soon. Also, peace to the RZA.

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