February 15, 2010

U-god shook by robbing, snitched on RZA. Calling out the black sheep of the Wu

“RAW, I'm a give it to ya...”

We all heard it.

And we all know it was a god damn lie. Dude ain't givin' it raw (nh), on no album. That’s why RZA tricked him and took a big slice out of his monthly hand-out from the Wu-Tang trust fund.

Then U-God tried to sue, then he lost. Fucking dumbass.

A lot of fucking explaining to do.

Yo U-god, listen up. We want that interview, report to our office tomorrow... Haha, don’t be scared, s’all good. Just check that attitude at the door, cocky motherfucker.

G.O.D interview coming up, ya digg? Be on the fucking lookout!

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