January 24, 2010

Slaughterhouse Stockholm show review

Slaughterhouse is touring Europe, and you know how real it gets. The Real 136 was invited, and as promised here's the review:

Stockholm. January 23rd. Y'all know what it is.

The crowd was wildin’ before the show even started. Mad bottles flying, suckas brawling over nothing. The Real had to handle security and we threw people out just for livin, you know how we do.

Anyway, onto the show.

Like the album, it started with Sound Off and the MCs got onstage one by one. Royce got on first and completely WRECKD it, then Joell came and MURDERD it and Crooked BURID it on the third. Last Joe B came out with a special singing number instead of rapping (it was hilarious), and the show was off to a great start.
The big homie Ortiz had the most energy, gotta hand it to him. He spit the verses and jumped around with a passion. Sadly though, Royce on the other hand was definitely having an off night. He was losing his voice throughout and after a while it got real bad, meaning no chance of a live Gun Harmonizing. UNACCEPTABLE. But for tonight we let it slide.

They did most of the album tracks and also Fight Club, Woodstock, Onslaught and a few solos. Joell flipped out during Hip Hop, stepping on a pair of sunglasses that Budden dropped when he was headbanging. Royce had mad troubles with Boom due to the voice but was backed up by the realer kids in the crowd. Joe did his best with Pump It Up and finally Crooked came strong with motherfuckin' Boom Boom Clap.

To represent their origins each MC also performed a local cover track. Joell did it for Brooklyn with Hypnotize, Royce repped the D with The Way I Am, Crooked put it down for the west with Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang, and Budden attempted Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty. It was a fun segment, displaying the great diversity of this unlikely supergroup.

Towards the end, the soundman started messing with Joe Budden’s head. When it was his turn to rap, the mic made stupid sounds and his voice sounded like a chipmunk. It was fun for the crowd but Budden crumbled, throwing a teary-eyed fit at which point the soundman turned off his mic. Then someone in the crowd even snatched if off him.

They tried to take his mic but Joe fought to get it back

Here's some fanboy footage we found, with Royce losing his voice at 0:46 and Joe B arguing with the soundman at 1:28 (clip starts loud)

In closing, too bad about Royce's voice and the soundman and parts of the crowd. But regardless, the show was off the motherfuckin' hook!

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