January 11, 2010

The Snoop incident at the 2009 BET awards

”I’m at the BET awards, sitting in DISGUST!”

You heard it in the song. It’s a true story from back in june 28, 2009. The Real 136, always on the spot, was there and we caught up with the man on the way out.

The Real: Yo Snoop... YO, CALVIN, wait up!
Snoop Dogg: WHAT?
The Real: Wait up, dogg. Let’s talk for a minute.
Snoop Dogg: Th…The Real? Is that you?
The Real: *laughs* Yeah. So I was keeping my eye on that VIP section, and you stormed off just as Wayne got to the stage back there. And now I see you outside lookin like you're about to pop off? Man... He took your award?
Snoop Dogg: Fuck no!
The Real: Talk to us, man.
Snoop Dogg: If I’ve got a problem, I go after a nigga motherfuckin head. I’m UNCLE Snoop.

The Real: Just to be clear tho.... Did Lil Wayne have anything to do with this?
Snoop Dogg: I AIN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THESE LIGHTWEIGHT NIGGAS. This is hip hop, I run this whole shit!
The Real: Oh word? ....watch your fuckin' mouth… *laughs* Nah, we ain’t got nuthin but love. Good to see you, dogg. Now get on up outta here and keep making that music.
Snoop Dogg: Fo’ shizzle. See you at the spot later, nephew.

Peace to Snoop. As a matter of fact, Lil Wayne too. And look out for the Dr Dre feature we got going in anticipation of Detox. It's HOT!

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