January 10, 2010

DJ Premier makes album with Nas. Tearful Gangstarr break-up due to porn addiction. Prodigy takes over hollywood!

What Premier should do and why.

1. Make that album... You know what we're talkin about, we're talkin about Nas & Premier (featuring AZ if he wants). Why? Because we're not sure hip hop will last another year with that joe budden bullshit everywhere. Remember a few years back when that Souljah Boy disease spread like wildfire? Damn yo... We personally know people still affected by it. And now you see joe budden and his wack blogs, wack music, GETTING PUNCHED AROUND IN THE CLUB LIKE A BITCH (sup raekwon). So in this day and age we need a Nas & Premier album to bring back the real.
2. Make up with Guru for a Gangstarr reunion. Ok, *sigh* Let's put the truth out there... DJ Premier has a well known porn addiction, and it led to the end of Gangstarr as we know it. Word is Primo got out of hand with Guru's bitch one late night in the studio while Guru was passed out, and eye witnesses report seeing the king of monotone fleeing in tears. The rapper has been an emotional wreck ever since, refusing to discuss his old group, lying to himself and others that his new "super"producer is the best. But for 2010 we demand that Guru gets over it and "gets his shit together" so that Gangstarr can go back to making classic albums.
Am I right Primo? "Yeah."
Note: If Premier is to work with Nas we can't let that shit happen again with Nas' significant other (Kelis). Nas has had enough of that already and it should be about the music.

What P (Prodigy) should do when he gets out.

1. Save Havoc's career. Dude can't even stand up by himself, like someone pointed out earlier this man fell on his ass in the mall when someone bumped into him by accident. YO HAV, how you gonna be a gangster laying on the floor? When P gets out you cling onto him and don't fucking let go.
2. Make a power move to re-establish his position in the game. The best way is to take out some of these weaker rappers. Potential targets: fat joe, joe budden, saigon and tru life ("th-the tru life incident?!" SUP WITH THAT, HAVOC?). We know P personally and we can see him bunching up all these weak ass rappers in the desert and pistol-whipping them for fun.
3. Get into movies. Take over Hollywood, get some big roles and make that money... P starring as himself in Indiana Jones, The Godfather, Die Hard, new age movies or cowboy movies, they'd be instant blockbusters, ya feel me? He could play himself in any multi billion dollar production, whatever fucking genre, and it would be a hit. If this needs money we're ready to pitch in to make it happen. Youknowwhaimean? *sniffs* sup P we see you, word word.

NEXT WEEK'S TOPICS: Detox, where is it? Who would win a fight, Joe Budden vs Vanilla Ice? NAS speaks out on today's hip hop. The detailed story: CHINGY GOT ROBBED IN A MALL

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